Handmade Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

After the holiday season ended I hopped back on the saddle finishing a HUGE project (that I'll be able to share later this year) a few editorial projects, and some projects for charity.  Between a 5 week marathon wrapping up projects and Mardi Gras I found myself exhausted and in a creative rut.  
When this happens I usually like to create something with my hands! Usually I turn to collage, but it's been a while since I've done a little printmaking in my studio.  The week before Mardi Gras I decided to make some handmade printed valentines for family, friends, and clients.  I made 30 prints on brown chipboard stationary and 15 on brightly colored stationary (not pictured).

Valentines should have some sort of shimmery detail, so I used gold foil and gel pens!  This was a fun project to do along side taxes and a slow work week before Mardi Gras.