Standing Still: An "Orange is the New Black" Fan Zine

What can I say about Netflix's "Orange is the New Black"?  I love this show so much I wanted to curate and design a fan zine for it, so I did.  With some help from my two illustration friends Reina and Jessica, we got the word out and collected a few "OITNB" inspired illustrations for our zine.  Hope you enjoy:

(click the zine above to embiggen OR view the zine here on ISSUU).

"Miss Claudette",2014, by Julia Lavigne.

"Miss Claudette",2014, by Julia Lavigne.

Above is my portrait of "Miss Claudette", a very misunderstood character from the show, as well as some spots and a repeat pattern I created for the zine.  

Special thanks to everyone who contributed
thanks to Reina for the amazing cover image and title design!