Light Grey Art Lab "6 Degrees"

Sharing art with total strangers is such a wonderful thing...  and this month I had the opportunity to share with over 80 artists from around the world.
The way this was possible was through the “6 Degrees” postcard show at Light Grey Art Lab! It’s been about 6 months since I’ve done a show and I was SO excited to see my name listed with the other amazing artists selected for the show.

 Some of my friends from SCAD were also in the show, it was fun to critique our pieces with each other.  In the end we all created a limited edition of 100 prints; our first edition was hung in Light Grey Art Lab's gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


 I also got a package from the gallery containing one of every artist’s postcard!  A lot of the pieces are hand pulled serigraphs,  which is something really special.

You can still see all of our hard work on display at Light Grey Art Lab!  The show will be on display from now until January 17th.

Thanks again and again to all the wonderful people at LGAL and all the talented artists who make beautiful work and inspire me to do better everyday.